Our Mission

The mission of OpenShelf is simple: to connect people who need food with people who provide food, where and when they need it.

OpenShelf works to strengthen these connections through technology that offers an easy, accessible and mobile-friendly way for people to choose the food providers that meet their needs.

A boy carries a bag filled with groceries.

Our Story

OpenShelf offers a contemporary, online way for food providers to share their resources with people who need them. People all around us – our neighbors – need OpenShelf to be an efficient and real-time bridge to food that their households and diets require.

To learn more about the inception of OpenShelf, Vivery and the Thierer Family Foundation, click below.

The OpenShelf Team

OpenShelf is powered by Vivery that was developed by the Thierer Family Foundation.

Ashley Friend

Managing Director

Lisa Church

Partnership Success Leader

Dalia Almanza

Community Engagement Manager

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